We strive to build and manage relationships based on trust and communication. Studies have shown that clients want an ongoing relationship with a trusted professional, who can integrate their investment, business, financial and estate matters consistent with their life goals.  Our services include:



We are adherents of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which holds, that asset allocation is the most important component in investment returns. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit and does not protect against losses. It is a method to help manage risk. See Our Philosophy section for more details.


  • Retirement planning
  • Planning for college funding
  • Financial needs analysis
  • Risk management-insurance planning
  • Timing strategies for maximum lifetime benefits


  • Advice that is consistent and event specific
  • Advice on evaluating opportunities, benefits, costs and tradoffs
  • Comprehensive process emphasizing periodic communication with the client
  • We'll also coordinate and refer the client to carefully screened solutions in areas such as lending, estate planning, taxation and/or business services.


We leverage technology to offer clients accurate, consolidated and timely account information including

  • Regular performance reports accessible via our site
  • Regularly scheduled face to face meetings to evaluate the plan implementation